Your Instant Stain Solution

Clean Getaway by Rey’s Cleaners is your on-the-go instant stain removal solution. Our special formulated cleaning solution comes in travel size spray bottles for easy stain removal no matter where you are! Don’t let a stain on your shirt or a spill on your dress ruin your productive day at work or romantic date night. Simply spray Glean Getaway on the soil and get back to your day!



Innovative Stain Removal Technology

Clean Getaway comes in three formulas featuring innovative stain removal technology to tackle even the toughest stains. Wine, grass, coffee, mud, blood, and even oil and grease are no match for the stain removing power of Clean Getaway! Conveniently packaged in three spray bottles, for use on specific stain types, in a small, portable pouch, you’ll be ready for any stain you may encounter throughout your day. This pocket-size stain remover is safe for all fabrics.

How To Use Clean Getaway

Clean Getaway is intended as a pre-treatment for stained garments. For best results, please follow the following directions:


  • Test Clean Getaway on a a discreet area of the garment before use.
  • If color runs during testing, stop treatment and send to Rey’s Cleaners or your local dry cleaner for dry cleaning.
  • This is a pre-treatment for stains, and it should be cleaned or flushed out after application.
  • Do not rub the garment together, as rubbing may cause warping, color run, and misshaping.



  1. Identify stain
  2. Select proper bottle and spray Clean Getaway onto stain
  3. Use reusable swab to tamp product in
  4. Flush with water*

*If water cannot be used, send the garment to Rey’s Cleaners or your local dry cleaner.

The Right Formula For Every Stain

Clean Getaway has three different specialty formulas to tackle different types of soils. For best results, ensure that you use the appropriate formula for the type of stain.


When you spill your coffee on your best work shirt or drip wine on your favorite going-out dress, trust Clean Getaway’s stain removal power to have your clothing looking fresh and clean. Unfortunately no one is immune to the occasional spill and stain, however, Clean Getaways is here to help.


Our specially formulated stain remover works on all fabrics and removes almost any stain with ease. We understand that when you look your best, you feel your best, so our goal is to provide you with powerful stain removal power in an on-the-go, convenient format.


Our years of experience in the garment care industry inspired us to create a powerful stain pretreatment formula that works for virtually all stains without damaging your clothing. We are proud to be a US-based company, and we ship our products throughout the United States.

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