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Handbag Cleaning

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Rey’s Cleaners is considered Miami’s finest bag cleaning service provider. Rey’s Cleaners is capable of cleaning and restoring all bag types, including cloth, suede, nubuck, calf and lambskin, and leather. Our team uses special cleaning solutions to match each bag’s uniquely different materials and fibers. This ensures that your bag is brought back to life both safely and effectively.  We also provide bag cleaning services for full-color refurbishment, accommodating our customer’s bag cleaning needs to fit any type of bag cleaning or restoration you may need. Rey’s Cleaners helps you lengthen the lifespan of your bags.

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Shoe Cleaning

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Cleaning shoes regularly is also a great way to maintain healthy hygiene for you and your family. Our shoe cleaning service professionals are experienced in cleaning all types of footwear, ranging from men, women and children footwear including sneakers, designer loafers, and heels. Rey Cleaners also provides shoe shine services to leave your shoes looking sharp and new to give you the confidence to put your best foot forward each day.

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All hat cleanings are performed by hand with only the highest grade solutions in the industry. We take special care with the foundation of the hat, its interior, and any adornments or accessories we encounter, such as buckles, feathers, or silk flowers.

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Leather & Suede Cleaning

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Leather and suede are unlike fabrics made from natural or synthetic fibers, as they are made from the hides of animals. Therefore, they have special needs when it comes to care and maintenance. We can take out difficult stains, scuffs and scrapes out of every-day garments, couture wear, shoes, and handbags while maintaining the quality of the material.

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